2004 begins a path of innovation

2004 Starting from an innovative idea of Dr. Venanzio Bielli, the radiant heating project was born, later called VARME KILDEN. In September, the first prototype immediately reveals its great features. With the precious support of the Dipl. Ing. Fabio Iannone, the first algorithm and the first product sizing software are developed.


2005 . The first range of products covered by Patent N ° 0001365059 of 09.02.2005 is born and the first model is the Varme Kilden model Klassisk. At the same time, the first program prototype is created for sizing of the VK Panels according to the environment to be heated.


2010 There are two patents registered and the product range is enriched with a second model totally smooth on the front surface (Varme Kilden Miljø).


2013 Production is moved to the new plant in Majano del Friuli in the province of Udine, and the Radiant Warm-Arredo family is completed with three other aesthetic models: Bølge, Tynd and Prisme that are added to the Miljø .


2014 The calculation software is fully updated to respond more quickly to the calculation needs.


2018 The program for calculating the necessary surface is revised to be hosted on a dedicated website in order to be more accessible wherever you are and convenient.



2020-2021 Despite the difficulties due to COVID19, our research does not stop and we are designing the radiant panels of the "future".

2022 "We never give up!"

2022 We have been on the market for 18 years and despite these last 2 years of recession, due to Covi19, we NEVER GIVE UP.

VARME KILDEN, for a radiant future.

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